Benefits and Advantages

Granular products provide available Calcium to the soil for the plants use.

(Geared toward Golf, Lawn Care, Landscapers, Sports Turf, and Growers.)

Superior quality product vs. traditional limestone and gypsum.

Verde-Cal products are less dusty, and dissolve quickly with just one irrigation cycle. How many times have you applied typical limestone or gypsum just to mow it right back up? Or, have you ever had to clean off your rollers because of limestone or gypsum caking to them? Or, have you ever applied product just to find it under the canopy still sitting there? Our products get to work in the soil while typical limestone and gypsum just sit there.

Not everyone has thCa™ Acid. thCa™ makes all the difference!

thCa™ makes Calcium available now rather than waiting 2 -3 years for typical limestone or gypsum applications to breakdown and become available. thCa™ even goes out into the soil and converts bound-up, locked-up (unavailable) Calcium to usable, available Calcium. There are a lot of products out there that want to match what we can do but just don’t stand up! Ours beats them on price and effectiveness every time.

We have added a penetrant.

The use of Aqua-Aid penetrant ensures that the Calcium applied gets into the soil where it needs to be! Aqua-Aid synergizes with thCa™ creating better nutrient movement into the soil profile. Without it you are ONLY treating the upper inch of soil.

Smarter inventory management = less product to inventory.

Since one of our bags (50 lbs.) can give you equal or better results than 4 bags (200 lbs.) of typical lime or gypsum. You will not have to take up nearly the amount valuable space for storage.

Better rates per acre.

Which would you rather apply? 10 bags (500 lbs.) per acre or 40 bags (2000 lbs.)? 10 of course! Our products are so much more effective in supplying available Calcium that you won’t need to apply tons of tradition products to see results.

Less wear and tear on equipment.

Because our rates per acre are lower than typical limestone or gypsum, you can finish the job much faster, easing any strains on tractors, utility vehicles, and spreaders.

Less fuel used.

Since you finish the application faster with less product, you will consume less fuel.

Less trash.

Applying less product per acre means there will be less trash to dispose of.

Less cost per acre.

Not factoring in other saving like fuel, wear and tear, and labor. Our products still cost less per acre compared to using traditional limestone and gypsum applications.

No need for mechanical incorporation.

Because our product melts so quickly and goes into the soil profile with ease. There is no need to aerate to get it into the soil. Just apply, water, and walk away!

Available in Micro or Coarse grade in 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bags or 1000 lb. totes.
Available in blends with other popular nutrients.

Customers prefer to use multi-use products to save on applications. Ex: use our Verde-Cal K Plus (one product) instead of K-Mag or Pro-Mag, SOP, and gypsum (three to four products).

Everyone uses or should use lime or gypsum! Why not make the most money and sense out of each transaction!