AcidipHy LiteratureGranular Soil Acid Treatment

Effective For:

  • High pH Soils
  • Calcareous Soils
  • Poor Water Conditions
  • Disease Prevention
  • Pesticide Enhancement
  • Stress Reduction
  • Salt and Bicarbonate Reduction/Management

AcidipHy is a proven, effective and very safe slow release granular soil acid technology. One application of AcidipHy provides 10X the neutralizing capacity as compared to typical liquid applications with NO PHYTOTOXICITY. AcidipHy is also very economical as a localized treatment versus liquid injection into water systems which treat the entire course. End users can treat smaller problem areas without the need for expensive injection equipment. AcidipHy provides the added benefit of KEY essential nutrients to help fight stress and prevent disease to fine turfgrass and ornamentals.

AcidipHy may be applied monthly or as needed to maintain desired sodium and bicarbonate levels. Water immediately after application. Irrigate to field capacity to maximize bicarbonate and salt flushing.

120 Bicarbonate ppmspacer 4 lb per 1000 ft²spacer(200 kg per hectare)
240 Bicarbonate ppmspacer 8 lb per 1000 ft²spacer(400 kg per hectare)
360 Bicarbonate ppmspacer12 lb per 1000 ft²spacer(600 kg per hectare)
450 Bicarbonate ppmspacer15 lb per 1000 ft²spacer(730 kg per hectare)

Do not exceed 15 pounds (732 kg) per application. Must be watered in.