The use both OARS PS and HS with Verde-Cal G has led to the removal of black layer and localised dry patch at Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club, enhancing the depth of the roots and strength of turf. read more →

Untreated Bermuda Grass Turf on the left and Verde-Lawn Hydro treated on the right at 5# per 1000 sq ft. read more →

Limestone and Gypsum

March 1, 2016

It all starts with understanding a soil test and knowing how to read that test. A complete soil test will include five major cations: Ca, Mg, K, Na, H plus a CEC value. Having these five major cations accurately tested is the first step to thoroughly understanding the need for, lack of, and performance of the calcium in your soil profile as well as the calcium amendment you may choose to apply. read more →

Trial using gypsum (Verde-cal G from Aqua-Aid) to see if we could help with the effects of black layer. read more →

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