It’s very common, in many regions, to see a soil test that shows Calcium Base Saturation at levels adequate or even excessive. 60 – 70 percent base saturation of calcium is adequate for a balanced level of this very vital and important nutrient. read more →

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  • New Formulations of Verde-Cal Products
    New Formulations of Verde-Cal Products

    Old formulations on left, new formulations on right. Lighter in appearance, cleaner, more uniform particle size

  • Solubility Test
    Solubility Test

    Old formulation on left side, new formulation on right side after one minute introduced to water.

Newest upgrades: Faster solubility! Smaller particle size! read more →

Download this narrated “Dealing with Tough Water Issues” PowerPoint to learn more about growing turf and ornamentals while utilizing poor water quality: Download PowerPoint read more →

Pelletized dolomitic limestone

The following article was written by Dr. Samples, Ph.D., John Sorochan, Ph.D., Jim Brosnan, Ph.D, Hugh Savoy – Bio systems Engineering and Soil Science Dept and Alan Windham, Ph.D from the University of Tennessee. read more →