We are proud to introduce our newest upgrades to the Verde-Cal Product line. Officially marking the current upgrades being available now worldwide, users of Verde-Cal Products can now experience the following improvements:

Verde-Cal G:
  • improved particle sizing now available as: Sgn 80-85 Sgn 160 Homogenous
  • More consistent particle shape and distribution through spreading equipment
  • Soluble within one minute. Typical 4-6 minutes of irrigation. Product will become a solution even with cold water.
  • Improved nutrient analysis. Now providing up to 23% calcium.
  • No mechanical incorporation needed to enter into the root zone due to the thCa exclusive chemistry.
Verde-Cal K Plus 0-0-15:
  • Improved particle sizing now available as: Sgn 80-85 only. Homogenous
  • Only product on the market containing the following:
  • Enhanced Calcium with thCa
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Manganese Sulfate
  • Iron Humate
  • A full package of L Amino Acids
  • thCa exclusive chemistry

Both product improvements have been overwhelmingly accepted by turf managers all over the world. The Verde-Cal G is so soluble now that very quick knockdown of sodium and water related issues can be experienced within 24 to 48 hours after application. What is really nice about both Verde-Cal K Plus and Verde-Cal G now is that even with cold water the products will dissolve quickly. Our manufacturing process now allows for more of a “round” particle that comes out cleaner and spreads beautifully.

The L Amino Acids in Verde-Cal K Plus 0-0-15 really make it the complete product. Uses range from simple maintenance, to supplementing dominant cations when dealing with water issues. Verde-Cal K Plus 0-0-15 is soluble with minimal water and basically “chelated in the soil”. The L Amino Acids are a complete package of 18 total. The L Amino technology really helps uptake and increased turf strength and vigor. Verde-Cal K Plus 0-0-15 also now has smoother rounder particle size and shape allowing for a cleaner, better spread pattern and water breakdown.